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An SEO for Lawyers is highly skilled in all aspects of traditional SEO as it relates to the legal niche. Maximize results from your law firm SEO.
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Free 1:1 SEO Visibility Audit & Insights


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Your criminal law practice site could effortlessly appear at the top of search results and reach clients across web and social.

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Make it easy for prospective and current customers to engage with your brand wherever and whenever they find you online.


Lawyers in search of new clients should be proactive. Can you see the results from your law firm's current SEO techniques? Writing amazing content that will be SEO friendly which also describes your practice is generally well-received by search engines but commonly doesn't cut the mustard when earning new client leads.

Marketing as a lawyer

Nobody likes to have forthright lawyers that get in their face and tell them that they need to contact them. Clients want to know if your SEO content is what they’re looking for. That’s why it's important as your on-site SEO reflects this message, to create open channels of communication. If you're wondering if law firm SEO is effective in this manner, just look at what clients as a lawyer you seem to attract. They have made up their mind about what they want to do and want lawyers with the leverage to help them win their case. Lawyers with multiple channels in the SEO field will be able to modernize their approaches and advertising as a lawyer becomes easier than before. A Lawyer with 5 years of experience will need to understand this strategy quickly.

Spreading your brand

Fueled by SEO, searches for “lawyers in my city” will begin to direct customers to your website more and more. Content that is generated from SEO strategies, can explain to customers what it is you do. Marketing solutions to lawyers seeking to expand are varied and the best is often, using case studies. Lawyers and attorneys cannot rely on their word alone to make people trust them, so use real customers to bolster your image. For example, if you're a lawyer for physicians, you can use past clients that show your experience in defending negligent charges and winning cases.

Trust and experience

Showing clients that you have what it takes will be easy if you use what is called the recognition of lawyers technique. Other lawyers, backing up your expertise and saying you are a joy to work with and that you only deal with the trustworthy lawyer, is very beneficial. Experience with SEO shows that something known as black SEO is the best way forward. It's specific to DUI lawyers and this means the worst of all cases have been shown in the best light and possibly, won. Law firm SEO can be done well or it can be done sporadically. We recommend that you take your SEO to the next level and focus on a new SEO strategy, such as video advertising. You need to work with a company that was founded by a lawyer for lawyers looking for amazing techniques employed by SEOS workers. They will be better at SEO in this field that any other type of brand. Approached by lawyers SEO marketing is very complex but you should see if any SEO companies that specialize in the legal field can meet your requests.? New SEO provides to lawyers the best aspects of SEO, i.e. things such as meta descriptions, quality offsite links, authoritative inbound links and media outlets talking about your brand.

Who should you work with?

Hiring an SEO company for a content oriented approach to SEO is very easy. SEO to a great extent is about algorithms and such, but collaboration with lawyers for SEO companies is the best approach. Firstly, the content will be performed by lawyers and then adjusted for top SEO techniques. Talk with high profile lawyers and they will admit how important wiring your own content is. Only you know about the cases you have worked on, thus ads to lawyers from SEO companies that say they can write your content is something to consider twice. At the same time, if you’re writing general help and advice content, then using an SEO marketing company is incredibly prudent as you don’t have time to write all day. Some might highly recommend justia to lawyers seeking strong SEO and other marketing strategies.

Approaching the future

Now that you know why SEO for lawyers is so important, leads as SEO should be your priority. Same as regular SEO, this is when you continue to chase up clients that have appeared to click on your website and activate cookies. SEO to every aspect that they’re interested in. An SEO company is going to sift through their recent searches and tailor content to this.

We recommend that you contact an SEO company like Search Geek Solutions that has a history of working with lawyers or has shown the skills to adapt and make great content for you.

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