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Franchise SEO Expert Services

If you operate a franchise, or you’re a large scale corporation that oversees the branding of multiple franchises run by separate owners or franchisees, you’ll find that marketing is going to be a little more complex for you than it may be for individuals running completely independent businesses. But not to worry - we’re here to help. Franchise SEO Expert Search Geek Solutions are specialists in Franchise SEO marketing and can make the entire process as straightforward and simple as possible!

The Importance of Franchise Marketing with SEO

Let’s start by outlining why it’s essential that franchises market themselves to the general public. At the end of the day, every business - large or small - needs to come up with top notch marketing campaigns to get customers and clients on board. In the age of Ecommerce, every market is becoming increasingly saturated and you’re going to have to shout out loud and clear to stand out from the crowd and establish yourself as a dominant force in your field. While the majority of businesses are independent, franchises still form a significant percentage of businesses and are essential for the economy. While the majority of franchises tend to fall into the categories of fast food chain and restaurants, the business model is quickly spreading into other fields too, with more than 730,000 American establishments now classifying themselves as franchises.

What Exactly is Franchise SEO Marketing?

So, how do you market a franchise? Well, the approach you take will depend largely on whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee.

Marketing for Franchisors

As we’ve highlighted above, franchising is rapidly becoming a more desirable business model and increasing numbers of brands are deciding to franchise their companies. This is positive for the market and the economy, but it also means that you’re going to find yourself facing increased competition. As more businesses franchise, franchisees are going to have more choice and you’re going to have to compete for them to choose your brand over somebody else’s. Correctly carried out marketing can help you to achieve this, helping you to stand out from the crowd, advertise the perks of franchising with you and ultimately highlighting how your brand can help a franchisee generate a much larger income than if they were to take on a franchise from a competitor. To achieve this, you are going to have to develop, maintain and consistently improve upon a marketing scheme that will actively encourage franchisees to buy into your business.

Marketing for Franchisees

Most franchises will have to adhere to broad, umbrella branding and a broad, umbrella marketing strategy that covers all franchises and ensures that they remain uniform in their presentation of themselves to the public. If you own a franchise, this can mean that you’re going to be relatively restricted when it comes to mustering up marketing campaigns that could build awareness of your franchise as an individual entity. Sure, people may benefit from brand awareness raised by the blanket marketing put out by the overarching brand, but that’s not much use if people aren’t aware that your store, in particular, exists. To market your store effectively, you’re going to have to accept that a universal campaign can only do so much to bring local customers through your doors. You’re going to have to take further steps and develop a further, unique marketing strategy for your franchise. It will need to tie in with your franchisor’s guidelines, but also tap into the attention and desires of the specific local demographic you’re catering to.

How We Can Help

This, of course, can all be a little daunting for franchisors and franchisees alike. Franchise marketing is an extremely complex area and can be difficult to get right. But here at Search Geek Solutions, we can make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. While there are a number of marketing activities you can engage with to draw attention to your brand, we are confident in our belief that search engine optimization is the way forward and can deliver some of the biggest and most impactful results, no matter what field your franchise specializes in. We offer a range of services, ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) to specialized local search engine optimization, web design, pay per click advertisements (PPC), social media marketing, online review generation and more - all of which can help to achieve your goals and drive significant profit.

First Steps

When you first get in touch, we’ll take time and care to familiarize ourselves with your target audience. After all, you can’t market effectively if you don’t know exactly who you’re marketing to. Even on a broad scale, for franchisors who are targeting customers up and down the country, there will be a general demographic you are catering to. For franchisees, there’s a good chance you can whittle down this demographic to the individuals in your local area who will be directly engaging with your franchise in particular. Understanding these groups’ needs can maximize marketing conversions and significantly boost sales! To identify people who you want to target with your marketing campaigns, we will undertake the following steps.

Looking at Your Current Customer Base

The first, and perhaps most accurate, means of getting to know the demographic you need to be reaching out to is taking a look at your current customer base. Chances are you’ll notice trends in characteristics amongst those who are already buying from you - as individuals with shared characteristics and interests may be likely to buy from similar franchises. Understanding these common characteristics can help you to target others who share them too, potentially bringing in new customers

Looking at Your Competitors’ Customer Bases

Every business, no matter how niche, has competitors. Sure, you’re not likely to look favorably upon competing franchises. But you might as well take what you can from them. If they’re providing particular goods and drawing in more customers or different customers, you may be failing to identify a particular demographic who would actually be greatly interested in what your franchise has to offer! If you’re able to identify them, you can reach out to these groups of individuals and potentially encourage them to buy from your franchise instead.

Drawing Up Conclusive Images of Your Potential Customers

Once you’ve started to gather insight into who may be interested in buying from your franchise, you can draw up conclusive images of people you could benefit from aiming marketing campaigns towards. We can help you to determine whether the groups are significantly large enough for you to financially benefit from marketing to them.



Choosing a Service

Once you know who you’re targeting, we can provide a number of services that will allow you to reach out to them and encourage them to complete whatever actions you want them to. If you’re a franchisor, we can target groups who are likely to be interested in investing in a franchise and we can encourage them to pick you over a competitor. If you are a franchisee, we can catch the attention of potential customers and encourage them through your doors to generate sales and profit for you. Here are just a few of the Franchise Marketing services that we can help you with!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nowadays, when people are searching for something that they want, they’ll head straight to a search engine. This makes sense. It’s the easiest and fastest way to gather information. So, you’re going to want to make sure that your brand or franchise appears as highly in the search engine rankings as possible. Think about it - when’s the last time you went beyond the first one or two pages when looking for something? It’s extremely rare that people do this. For franchisors, the higher you appear in the list, the more likely potential franchisees will be to click your link, visit your website and buy into your brand. For franchisees, the higher your franchise appears in the list, the more likely customers will be to visit you. We can help you to effortlessly appear at the top of search engine results in all of the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp.

Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)

For franchisees in particular, it’s important to rank top of local search engine results. When people carry out searches, search engines will generally take their location into account and bring up the nearest results. You want your franchise to appear here to avoid directly losing out to your local competitors. We can help with this too!

Web Design

The layout and design of your website can have a massive impact on where you rank in search engine results. Most search engines use “spiders” - digital tools which “crawl” your webpage to pull out keywords and relevant content and link it to search engine terms that potential users might be putting into the search engines. If the spiders pick up that your web page is a good match to the content they’re looking for, the search engine is more likely to rank your page highly when customers search for the key terms you’ve placed on that webpage. This, of course, can really boost traffic and custom. Of course, you need an in-depth understanding of how search engines crawl sites to optimize your site and ensure they can access as much relevant information as they possibly can. We can assist you in your web design, ensuring your site allows these spiders to pick up on as much high-quality content as possible and aid your Franchise SEO ventures.

Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC)

You’ll have definitely seen pay per click ads before and you may have clicked a few yourself. Pay per click ads are a low-risk investment, as you only pay when people literally click the ad and are directed to your site. You quite literally pay for what you get with no need for any upfront investment.

Social Media Marketing

Increasing numbers of people are spending increasing amounts of time on social media. It’s no longer something that only teens pay any attention to. Instead, there’s an extremely high chance that the audience you want to target are using multiple multiple social media platforms. They may be using Facebook. They may be using Twitter. They may be using Instagram. Chances are they have an account for at least one of these three main platforms. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to market to them here. By appearing in their feeds or their explore page, you can gain regular exposure, boosting awareness of your franchise and encourage them to buy into it in some way or another. We use business intelligence to ensure that the right people are targeted with your posts, helping to significantly grow your audience and motivating your audience to carry out transactions with you. We will also provide you with a highly personalized dashboard to keep track of all your key metrics in one, easy to manage place.

Online Review Generation

People often seek out social proof before buying into anything that a franchise offers. Whether that’s a potential franchisee scoping out whether they want to invest their time, effort and money into a franchise, or a customer determining whether to spend their money in a franchise. They want the security of knowing that others have tried it out and have been happy with the outcome. How do people get this validation? Well, they often turn to online reviews. They’ll seek out others’ recommendations and will want to hear others’ positive experiences before dipping their toes into the water themselves. We can help to generate this positive reputation for you with our online review generation services. We will handpick the sites that your target demographic are most likely to check for reviews and generate positive reviews for you on there. We can also provide you with the means of monitoring your reviews, so if someone leaves anything ranking less than five stars, you can leave a comment to explain the transaction to other readers.

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