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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term business owners hear A LOT. No matter the kind of website you’re starting, the chances are that you’ll see those three letters everywhere you turn. That’s not surprising when you consider that online success rests solely on your ability to consider this.


The good news is that a little research makes SEO seem like a reasonably straightforward process. You take the advised steps, get on Google’s good side, and hey presto; you’re enjoying higher levels of traffic in no time. Sadly, anyone who’s given SEO a shot on their own will know that things don’t always work out that way.


Despite its simple guise, SEO is a complex process, especially if you want to see returns. It needs to feature in every aspect of your online efforts, and continual adjustments are necessary to make sure you’re 100% utilizing search rankings.


To make matters worse, there is such a thing as bad SEO. Believe it or not, even some of the advice out there could see you making poor SEO choices which harm rather than help your website. You wouldn’t be alone in making these mistakes, but it is vital you trust us to fix bad SEO before it takes its toll.

What Bad SEO Looks Like


Companies with bad SEO don’t always realize it. It may be that you assume you’ve followed advice right, or perhaps you haven’t given SEO the thought it deserves. You might even have paid an unreliable outside company and assumed they knew what they were doing. Either way; your business is flagging, and immediate action is necessary to revive it.


But, what exactly does bad SEO look like? It’s only by knowing the signs, after all, that you can reduce damage. Some of the main symptoms include:

Unoptimized images


Failure to optimize images is one of the biggest SEO mistakes. By now, we all know pictures are necessary for optimization, but surprisingly few of us think to optimize our images themselves. In reality, though, Google Images is a goldmine of untapped potential. If you don’t compress and clearly label your images with keywords, you’re both missing out and letting yourself down in the eyes of Google.

HTTP instead of HTTPS


While you’ve been busy worrying about your domain name, Google has been taking a hard stand on HTTP labels. As of 2014, websites that use HTTPS have seen noticeable increases in their rankings. If you haven’t given this any thought, then it’s no wonder you’re struggling.

Too many keywords


Keywords are the holy grail of SEO. They ensure you appear in relevant searches and thus bring convertible traffic to your site. The trouble is that using too many keywords can undo your efforts. That’s because any search engine will have tools to judge the relevance of your keywords. If you’ve stuffed your content to increase traffic, then you’ll do more damage than good.

Duplicate content


Duplicate content is never going to work in your favor from a search engine point of view. If anything, the recognition of a duplication will send your site way down the search results. If you’re duplicating any pages on your website, then you’re doing SEO wrong.

No mobile accessibility


Mobile web browsing has been more prevalent than desktop use since 2016, with 50% of users now demanding mobile-friendly websites. If you haven’t considered this, Google probably won’t consider you. Why would they when you’re failing to appeal to half their audience? If you don’t develop mobile designs or at least responsive pages, then you’ll never win the search top spot.


These are by no means the only bad SEO practices, but they are some of the worst. If you’ve made any of these errors, know that you aren’t alone, but that you do need to seek help from a fix my SEO company who can undo that damage for you.

We Fix Bad SEO


SEO is a complicated thing to get your head around at the best of times. Overcoming SEO errors is even harder. As well as undoing any harm, you would need to undertake damage control and entire SEO reboots. That’s not something many business owners have time for, and it’s something our Fix my SEO service can tackle for you.


Any damage control effort in this area requires specialist knowledge if it’s to stand any chance of working. This is a serious operation, after all, and you’re already in Google’s bad books. Merely following a checklist of ‘SEO done right’ isn’t going to cut it this time. Even worse, it could lead to further mistakes that see you blacklisted altogether.

Luckily, when we fix bad SEO, we do it with specialist knowledge and experience behind us. From the moment you contact us, we’ll provide flawless damage control services including:


  • A manual SEO audit of what isn’t working on your website/recognition of where your SEO efforts aren’t as good as they should be
  • Using detailed knowledge of search engine requirements to spot any outdated or potentially harmful content on your page
  • Breaking down errors to help you understand where things have gone wrong
  • Developing strategies alongside your vision to ensure better results in the future
  • Implementing positive SEO practices with guaranteed results


Of course, we understand that entrusting an outside company with something as vital as SEO can be daunting, especially if a bad SEO service got you into this position in the first place. That’s why we promise to fix your bad SEO like it's our own. Unlike other SEO repair companies out there, we don’t just pay for tools that spit out reports without thought. Instead, we use manual practices which guarantee we’re always able to provide the best possible solutions for your unique website needs.


To prove just how much we value client relationships, we also promise never to ask for payment until you’ve seen visible results from our efforts. That way, you can always rest easy that your success is our success, and we’ll never let you down. We really are that confident in our abilities to turn your SEO around!

Results That Speak For Themselves


Of course, you don’t need to take our word for it. Until you know what we stand to do for you and your brand, why would you part with your budget for this cause? When it comes to what we can do to fix bad SEO, the results really should speak for themselves.


In reality, though, sparing a budget for a service like fix my SEO can bring brand benefits like you wouldn’t believe. As mentioned, we’re so sure of our ability to take you further that we literally don’t get paid until you do.


But, what are these results you can expect to see, and what do they mean for your business?


Increased traffic is, obviously, the top benefit of fixing your SEO. To prove just how much impact search ranking has on organic traffic rates, consider that top listings on Google gain around 33% of clicks, compared with 18% on the second result. This is a figure which keeps decreasing, with second-page traffic receiving barely any attention. By getting your SEO right at last, you can make sure you’re getting the highest percentage of traffic possible at all times.


Increased conversion rates. Remember that traffic doesn’t lead to sales in itself, yet SEO can also increase your conversions. That’s because the proper utilization of content and keywords ensures traffic is relevant as well as free-flowing. And, if your search clicks are forever coming from relevant leads, you have a much higher chance at securing sales.


Better SEO also allows you to beat competitors at last. If you’re fed up of your closest business rival forever appearing higher on Google than you, this is the way to achieve that much-needed edge. By merely shifting one spot higher in every search, you can start securing all that traffic for yourself, putting you on top once and for all.


A better reputation can also come out of positive SEO given that customers trust Google to recommend businesses which are worth their time. If you appear high in search rankings, then, clients will already have a positive opinion of you by the time they arrive on your page.



While you may need to pay to fix bad SEO in the first place, this investment will save you money in the long-run. That’s because your higher ranking is 100% free, and yet it can bring better results than most paid ad campaigns. While you will, of course, still need a marketing budget, you could certainly reduce it as a result of your efforts here.

As you can see, you stand to see a whole host of benefits from our fix my bad SEO service. Every single one of them leads to the best benefit of all: increased profits! If you’re worried bad SEO is bringing your business website down right now, then, don’t hesitate to contact our fantastic team to turn things around today.

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