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Criminal Defense SEO Marketing

Criminal law firms need innovative solutions to increase visibility in the local community and beyond. You’ll already be well aware that working in criminal defense is one of the more demanding fields of law. Establishing status and succeeding isn’t always easy. Failing to adopt a creative and strategic marketing plan will mean that your company falls short of its true potential.

In the past, it was enough to hang up a sign or two, invest in a billboard, and wait for word of mouth to spread your name about town. Frankly, most traditional marketing methods are fast becoming obsolete. Technology has gradually transformed not just the marketing industry, but every aspect of the modern business world. To become and remain successful, companies must take on a digital transformation. As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos puts it, ‘There is no alternative to digital transformation, visionary companies will carve out new strategic options-those that don’t adapt will fail!’

In short, if you want to flourish and grow, you’ll need a modern and well-planned digital marketing strategy for your criminal law firm. Any marketing strategy which you take on should be backed up with plenty of research, set goals, and a plan that’s personal to your business needs. With the right marketing plan, you’ll achieve a future proof state for your company, increase your client base, and improve your ROI. Over 5.5 billion searches are made via Google every single day. It’s about time to get digital and tap into all that potential!

Strategies for criminal defense lawyer marketing

At Search Geek Solutions, we can work with your criminal law firm to identify your specific needs and create a strategy that meets your goals. It can be useful to make a list of any business objectives that are currently important to you. Each marketing strategy will be slightly different depending on the company, yet these are the common areas of focus.

1 . Criminal Defense Lawyer SEO

Search engine optimization, the words that business owners never stop hearing! The simple fact is that your success online relies crucially on the correct deployment of SEO. With so much competition, unless you're an SEO expert, it’s challenging to design and execute a highly effective campaign. To get yourself in Google’s good books, we at Search Geek Solutions have got you well and truly covered. SEO is vital to get you ranking as high as possible on Google search engines, and therefore get noticed by more potential clients. To drive the point home, consider that a whopping 91.5% of web traffic goes to the sites on page one of Google search results. Many firms have a go at SEO themselves in an attempt to improve their site rankings, yet when you’re up against so many other firms, a professional touch is just what you want. A Criminal Lawyer SEO service is all you need to achieve search engine success.

  1. Web Design

Once you’ve ramped up your SEO and got yourself some visitors, your website must be high quality to ensure that those leads stick around. There’s no use having plenty of site traffic when little of that traffic turns into conversions. The user experience of your site is crucial, from the content to the layout, the aesthetics, and the loading times. You won’t want a slow loading page to lose you clients, when issues like this are easily fixed. Consider that 63% of Google search clicks are made by mobile phone. According to Forbes, 45% of consumers abandon a website if it’s displaying poorly on their device. A criminal attorney marketing strategy should focus on creating a beautifully designed site that’s fully mobile optimized. When it comes to web design, every single aspect of your site should be geared up to impress your visitors.

  1. Pay-per-click

You’ll find pay-per-click ads on the right at the top of Google searches. The ads are paid and submitted by the company who is advertising, using Facebook PPC or Google Adwords, for example. Companies get the chance to bid on specific keywords to ensure that their ad comes up in particular search queries. PPC campaigns are highly adaptable as it’s possible to pause non-performing words or change keywords altogether. PPC should be an integral part of any marketing campaign; it’s simple, fast, and effective. These campaigns are also affordable and generally produce faster results than organic SEO. Google AdWords scripts are helpful here to automate the process of locating modifiers, keyword data, or search term reports. For a high performing marketing campaign, let us handle your PPC needs.

  1. Social Media?

Most businesses are well aware that social media advertising is where it’s at, with an effective social media ad campaign, you’ll increase your brand awareness and gain more clients. Most social media platforms allow you to target your ads at those who are most likely to require your services. At Search Geek Solutions, we can help your business with your social media ads and also monitor your social accounts. It’s vital to respond appropriately to all mentions and messages. Social media can be an awkward space to navigate for firms without marketing expertise. Rather than spending time learning the ins and outs of the social realm, yet us take care of it so you can get on with what you do best.

  1. Conversion Optimization

To turn your site visitors into clients, it’s crucial to optimize your conversion rates. Your website must be optimized to increase your conversions by leading site visitors through various calls to actions. Conversion optimization can be achieved by analytics which monitor the performance of your campaigns. The idea is to track user behavior and use the data to increase conversions. We can help you to fully optimize your site to help your business keep on growing. At Search Geek Solutions we are also able to set up multivariate or A/B testing and provide reports on your performance indicators. A/B testing is a way of comparing two different versions of an application or a web page. The concept is to determine which out of the two performs better. Different variants of a page are presented to users at random, and stats are used to define performance levels.

The latest marketing strategies

Perhaps you’ve got yourself a digital marketing strategy already? That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t (unfortunately) mean that you can sit back and relax! The issue is that marketing best practices change and develop all of the time. If you’re not keeping up, but your competitors are, then this quickly becomes a problem. Let’s take the example of Criminal Lawyer SEO; companies used to be aiming for position number one in Google search results. However, now there’s an even more desirable position to aim for! But what’s better than position number one? None other than SERP position zero. This term is used to refer to the ‘featured snippet’ at the very top of the Google search results page. Here you’ll find info extracted from the web page in question, the URL, and a short summarized answer.

Great marketing isn’t just about adopting a solution and forgetting about it; it’s about monitoring your performance and using that data to improve your efforts. Whether it’s advances in tech or changes in the market, methods consistently develop over time. Search Geek Solutions can help your business to keep up with these inevitable changes and deliver a top lawyer marketing campaign that gets results. By adopting a great analytics solution, your firm can see where changes need to be made. Modern marketing involves a consistent evaluation of processes and data. Adopting such approaches will help your company to keep on growing, even in a crowded marketplace. With a Criminal Lawyer SEO strategy, there’s no limit to what your business can achieve.

Gaining client feedback?

One of the easiest ways to improve your service is to gather and utilize client feedback. Our company can help you to monitor review sites; generate online reviews; track relevant websites; manage feedback, and provide responses. In the world of marketing, even negative feedback is viewed as useful. Negative feedback allows you to acknowledge a criticism and use it to learn and do better. Consumers love to talk about companies on social media, and it’s important to respond to all mentions and reviews. For some firms, gaining client feedback feels like a time-consuming process that eats into high-value tasks. At Search Geek Solutions, we can put methods in place to streamline your feedback processes.

Content creation for criminal defense lawyers

A successful website relies on creative and valuable content that sets you apart from the crowd. You might be a high performing criminal law firm, yet struggle to create the right content for your site. No problem, because this is where we come in! A company blog is a great way to deliver some excellent content to your site visitors, and we can show you how.

The Internet is absolutely packed with similar content, ever feel like you see the same article over and over again? Us too. To improve the content on your site, it’s essential to remain original and engaging while responding to the key questions that your audience are searching for. It’s not easy to create fantastic content because it takes time and effort. The process, however, is well worthwhile.

Over the last few years, visual content has grown in popularity. Venngage reported that more than 70% of marketers used visuals in their content during 2019. Content such as videos, original photos, and infographics can be helpful to engage an audience. A site with low-quality content creates an unprofessional impression, the very last thing you need as a practicing criminal law firm. Content should be creative, innovative, and, most of all, provide value to your audience. The aim of all content should be to establish yourself as a knowledgeable thought leader within the criminal law field.

Cost-efficient marketing for criminal defense lawyers

Marketing can be expensive these days, yet Search Geek Solutions are proud to provide reasonably priced services to help businesses access cost-efficient marketing. Not all firms will require the same marketing plan, and it’s important to determine what your specific needs are. Failing to do so could mean you end up focusing your marketing efforts in all the wrong places. Luckily, we can help you to define those needs and create a campaign that works for you.

Marketing for small law firms

For a small firm, criminal attorney marketing can be challenging to achieve without a little help. As a small team with clients to focus on, an extensive marketing plan can often feel a bit out of reach. Unfortunately, merely practicing criminal law is no longer enough to gain yourself clients. There are so many small law firms in operation, all seeking to grow and succeed. Without a fantastic marketing plan, it’s virtually impossible for a small company to get noticed. Clients seeking representation are often in stressful and complicated situations. They’ll be looking for a trustworthy and professional law firm that they can rely on. Your criminal attorney marketing plan must present you as precisely this kind of company. The way that you present your brand to the public is the difference between a new client and a failed conversion. We are experts in small business growth, and know how to help you reach your true potential.

Why choose Search Geek Solutions?

Here at Search Geek Solutions, we have everything you could ask for to build a high performing criminal attorney marketing campaign. With our expertise and wealth of experience, we can offer high powered solutions to give your marketing a digital makeover. As marketing continues to evolve, we want to help your firm to evolve with it and consequently improve your ROI. From your Criminal Lawyer SEO to your social marketing and web design, we’ve got all the know-how to boost your client base and your brand power. To remain future proof and technologically current, you’ll need a robust marketing strategy that hits all the right spots. Whatever your marketing needs may be, rest assured we are able to deliver.

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